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MUSIC -  Fionna Faulk

Page Made for Steffan V. Johnson

The Stadium of Saints Project
by Fionna Faulk

    1.  Little Long Night   [listen]
    2.  You Don't Cry   
    3.  Fireflies          [listen]
    4.  Ways         [listen]
    5.  Seasons (live)    [listen]
    6.  Belated (live)     [listen]

Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, by Fionna Faulk; Produced by Fionna Faulk; Lead Guitar (tracks 1-4), Background Vocals (tracks 1 & 4) by Cory Scotti; Bass by Joe "Indigent" Hanna; Tracks mixed by Fionna Faulk and Billy Morris of "The Billy Morris Band" at Lava Room Recording in Cleveland, OH; Mastered by Billy Morris at The Hi-Fi in Lakewood, OH.
Copyright 2006 Fionna Faulk

"She gon' make it...she got the drive."

-Robert Lockwood Jr.

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Copyright © 2004 Fionna Faulk