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BIO - Fionna Faulk

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My songs are everything to me.  They’re there when I don’t have anyone else to talk to…and pick me up when I feel like I’m in the worst place in the world.  They always know how I feel without ever having to say a single word.  Hello, my name is Fionna Faulk, and I am addicted to singing and songwriting.

            Since 2002, I’ve had the gnawing addiction to play guitar and write songs, though I’ve been writing songs since I was eight years old.  And since 2003, I’ve been able to play and sing those songs around northeast Ohio, my home!  But, alas, this addiction of mine only continues to grow stronger.

In 2006, I released an acoustic EP, “The Stadium of Saints Project”, which has, since, sold out (however, if you flag me down at a show, I've been known to rustle up the occasional bootleg copy or two...) and I have you to thank for that.

My current project is a new EP, produced by local, famed Cleveland producer, Michael Seifert (pronounced "Sy-fert"), who has worked for, and with, bands and artists including Tori Amos, Gerald Levert, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Neil Zaza, Too Short, Eightball, Pimp C (UGK), Chuck Mosley (Faith No More), Guided by Voices, Cobra Verde, J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.), Kate Voegele, blues legend Robert Lockwood Jr., Happy Rhodes and countless others. The project is slated to be finished at some point this lifetime.

So, thank you for stopping by.  Your presence is more than appreciated and I hope you enjoy the music. If you haven’t already, visit me at myspace or if you'd prefer, my email box is never broken so feel free to email!

Thanks a million,



"She gon' make it...she got the drive..."
-Robert Lockwood Jr.

"Her style is just so disarming and playful that you can't help but hang on her every word. "
-Thomas Dobson

"There's nothing like a live performance because you not only get to hear the emotion, but you get to see it as well, and that experience always takes the music to new heights..."
-Fionna Faulk

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