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GAMES - Fionna Faulk

Connect 4 - Play against the computer or against that good ol' friend who, for some reason, is standing right next to you at the computer!! :-D

Frogger - Don't get all choked up if Frogger can start again... :)

TETRIS - This is one of my ALL TIME favorite games...SOOOO addictive!

Galaxians - That's right--I'm OLD SCHOOL and PROUD OF IT!!  Do you remember the sit-down version of this game???  ...If you said "yeah" then you're OLD SCHOOL, too--welcome to the club, baby!


"She gon' make it...she got the drive..."
-Robert Lockwood Jr.

"Her style is just so disarming and playful that you can't help but hang on her every word. "
-Thomas Dobson

"There's nothing like a live performance because you not only get to hear the emotion, but you get to see it as well, and that experience always takes the music to new heights..."
-Fionna Faulk

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